As the Senior Property Manager of the Red team, Anna Stratikopoulos brings over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. Her expertise and dedication make her a valuable asset to clients seeking exceptional property management services. Her passion, professionalism, and assertiveness are the driving forces behind her success in the field. 

Every morning, Anna is motivated to wake up and come to work because of the great team environment. Collaborating with a talented group of individuals fuels her enthusiasm and inspires her to deliver outstanding results for her clients.

Working with Noonan Real Estate Agency has its perks, and according to Anna, the best part is the leadership provided by Principal & Founder, Mike Noonan and General Manager, Marty Reyes. Their guidance and vision create a supportive and dynamic atmosphere that empowers her to excel in her role.

Anna takes pride in her approach to property management. With a motto of ‘Treating the investment properties as if they are my own,’ she goes above and beyond to ensure that landlords and their properties receive the utmost care and attention. Alongside her trusted colleagues, Tyron Torres (Senior Administrative Assistant) and Lady Tiglao (Junior Administrative Assistant), Anna delivers top-notch service and builds strong relationships with clients.

When you work with Anna, you can expect a dedicated and experienced professional who will prioritise your needs and ensure a seamless real estate experience.