Christina Torres

Christina Torres

Senior Administrative Assistant

Christina (MC) Torres is an esteemed Senior Assistant, who plays a vital role in the purple team portfolio under the capable management of Chris Wright. With over 4 years of experience in the real estate industry, MC brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for excellence to her role.

MC’s remarkable qualities as an assistant are underpinned by her commitment to honesty, savviness, and professionalism. She approaches every task with integrity and transparency, ensuring that clients and colleagues receive the highest level of service and support. MC’s astute business acumen allows her to navigate the real estate landscape with finesse, making her an invaluable asset to Noonan Real Estate Agency.

What sets Christina apart is her unwavering motivation. Each morning, she wakes up with the drive to come to work at Noonan Real Estate Agency because she knows that she is one step closer to achieving her dreams. This determination fuels her passion for real estate, and it translates into her work ethic and commitment to delivering outstanding results.

Working with Noonan Real Estate Agency has been an enriching experience for Christina. She appreciates the agency’s goal-oriented leadership, which fosters a collaborative and supportive environment. At NREA, Christina has been given the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, nurturing her skills and expanding her knowledge in the real estate industry.

In addition to her exceptional work ethic, Christina is known for her ability to go above and beyond. Whether it’s providing exceptional customer service, assisting clients with their needs, or supporting the team, she consistently exceeds expectations.

With Christina Torres as part of the team at Noonan Real Estate Agency, clients can trust that they are working with a highly dedicated and reliable professional who is committed to making their real estate journey a success.