Hanna Meneses is a professional with over 3 years of expertise in the real estate realm. Three adjectives that define Hanna's excellence in real estate are attention to detail, problem solver, and honest.

Hanna’s commitment to her role at Noonan Real Estate Agency is marked by her meticulous attention to detail, her knack for solving problems, and an unwavering commitment to honesty. These qualities make her a standout in the real estate domain.

When asked about the motivation to wake up every morning and head to work at Noonan Real Estate Agency, Hanna playfully points to the motivating force of her salary, injecting a touch of humor into her dedication.

For Hanna, the best part about working with Noonan Real Estate is the camaraderie she shares with Mon. Their collaboration creates a positive and enjoyable work environment. Hanna’s profile reflects not just her professional prowess but also her ability to find joy in the workplace dynamics at Noonan Real Estate Agency, particularly in her partnership with Mon.