Jaime Calpe

Jaime Calpe

Administrative Assistant

Jaime Calpe is one of our esteemed Administrative Assistants at Noonan Real Estate Agency. With a decade-long tenure in the real estate industry, Jaime brings unparalleled expertise to our dynamic team. Three adjectives that encapsulate Jaime’s prowess in real estate are meticulous, resourceful, and empathetic.

Jaime’s role encompasses a comprehensive spectrum, from adeptly managing the intricacies of application reference checks to facilitating seamless tenant lease agreements and diligently overseeing rent payments and maintenance matters. Jaime’s dedication to ensuring the smooth operation of these essential processes is unparalleled, reflecting their unwavering commitment to excellence.

What motivates Jaime each morning is the prospect of collaborating with their esteemed teammates, particularly Anna and Lady of the Red Team. The camaraderie and shared goals of the team inspire Jaime to strive for excellence daily, knowing that their contributions play a vital role in achieving collective success.

The unparalleled sense of camaraderie and support within Noonan Real Estate Agency is what Jaime finds most gratifying. From the moment Jaime joined, the warmth and friendliness of their colleagues fostered a welcoming environment where open communication and mutual assistance thrive. At Noonan, Jaime has found not just a workplace, but a supportive community driven by shared values and a passion for exceptional service.