Jeremie Pineda

Jeremie Pineda

Administrative Assistant

Jem Pineda, an emerging talent with over 2 years of experience in the real estate domain. Three adjectives that underscore Jem's excellence in real estate are communicative, dedicated to camaraderie, and possessing a professional work ethic.

Jem’s commitment to her role at Noonan Real Estate Agency goes beyond the ordinary. She excels in communicating with tenants, fostering camaraderie, and consistently going above and beyond to resolve real estate-related issues. Her professional work ethic is a testament to her dedication.

Every morning, Jem wakes up with a sense of gratitude for being part of the Noonan Team. Starting as a receptionist and swiftly rising to the role of Junior Property Manager, she finds fulfillment in her journey and remains driven to achieve even greater heights. The camaraderie within the team, coupled with the sense of family, inspires her to give her best each day.

Beyond her achievements in real estate, Jem’s profile offers a glimpse into her personal interests. She enjoys crafts, keeps an eye on fashion trends, has an ear for music, and even dabbles a bit in sports. This multifaceted individual brings not only professional prowess but also a creative and well-rounded personality to the Noonan Real Estate Agency team.