Samantha Rivera

Samantha Rivera

Senior Administrative Assistant

Samantha "Sam" Rivera is an accomplished administrative assistant on our esteemed Blue team, supporting the efforts of Amela Sowinski.

With over four years of dedicated real estate experience, Sam epitomises determination, inspiration, and a persistent eagerness to learn. Her commitment is not just professional; it’s driven by the profound motivation to secure a better future for her son.

Each day, Sam brings her passion for real estate, driven by a deep sense of purpose. As an administrative assistant for Amela Sowinski, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of our team, contributing to the overall success of our agency.

One of the standout aspects of working with Noonan Real Estate Agency for Sam is the flexibility to work from home. Beyond the convenience, she relishes the opportunity to continuously expand her knowledge in real estate. As a future landlord herself, Samantha appreciates the practical insights and tips she gains, enhancing her ability to manage properties effectively.

However, Sam isn’t just defined by her real estate proficiency. Outside of work, she takes center stage as the lead vocalist for a band, where her passion for singing adds a vibrant and unique dimension to her personality.

In essence, Sam is more than an administrative assistant; she’s a dedicated professional, a perpetual learner in real estate, and a passionate vocalist. Join Samantha on her journey as she brings a harmonious blend of expertise and musical flair to the Blue team at Noonan Real Estate Agency.